Sunday, July 20, 2014

Workspace at Studio Calico

I have spent my weekend doing a little organizing…I have a ways to go. But even just a little organizing boosts my creativity and makes me feel like my space is being used more wisely.  I am looking forward to the Workspace Class at Studio Calico coming in August for more great ideas on how to organized and make my space more efficient. I hope you will consider joining me!

Class Description from Studio Calico:
Crafting time is precious. Stop wasting it looking for the supplies you need and feeling overwhelmed in your space. This class offers a deep dive into highly effective ways to make your workspace work for you. Marcy Penner and her team will walk you through steps to take your work area from tiring to inspiring. With two lessons a week, Marcy will take you step by step through each area of your space. Follow along each week and transform your space this month.
Workspace is enrolling now through July 31st at 11:59pm EST. The first lesson will be posted on Monday, August 4th, and there will be a new lesson posted each Monday and Thursday in August.


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