Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 5 - Holiday Cheer

On the fifth day of Christmas... let's spread the holiday cheer!

Okay, I'm sharing my last jammie inspired card today.  I wish I had stamps of pretty cursive writing for these words so that it looked more like my PJs, but since I don't I inked up Jessie's ABCs for the first time and showed them a little love.

I accidentally splattered my white base with distress ink when I spritzed it to paint in my hearts under the stickles.  So I turned it around and got my splatter even across the whole base.  I actually like the little bit of red stipple it created so we will call it a happy accident. :)

Now for today's Christmas songs quiz questions...
9. Who still wants a hula hoop?
10. Who kept time to the drum? (hint: with the little drummer boy)

Answers to yesterday's questions.
7.  What is is that helps make the season bright?  Everybody knows some turkey and some mistletoe
8.  Who wants a pair of hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots? Are the wish of Barney & Ben

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Christiana said...[Reply to comment]

Chari, this is so adorable! It looks snuggly! So, so cute. You have the best ideas!

As for your questions.

9. is Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks
10. Mary kept time with the little Drummer Boy

Yainea said...[Reply to comment]

I'm enjoying a lot your jimmie's series haha You have super cute and beautiful pajamas! I love the idea of this one, and the writting is cute this way... it would be wonderful a cursive Lawn Fawn ABC set though :P

Jen W. said...[Reply to comment]

Love those happy accidents and your super cute card!

Laurel Beard said...[Reply to comment]


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